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Cosmetic tattoos
for everyone

Services offered:

Permanent makeup, semi or permanent tattoos: microblading & stippling, solid or shaded brows, lips, eyeliner, eye shadow, cheek blush, freckles, beauty marks, skin pigment blending (vitiligo camouflage), scar, skin, color or any corrections or camouflage, fine area pigment extraction, areola creation, scalp micropigmentation & more…

Ask me; it’s very possible I can improve or change the appearance of whatever you are thinking about.

Come put your best face forward!


For $600. 00 you may purchase the following services here :

  •  Microblading & or stippling, price includes touchup
  • Solid or powdered brows, price includes touchup
  • Lip color “partial” or lip liner, price includes touchup
  • Lash line eye liner, upper OR lower lid, price includes touchup

****Some services may require a *Full Artists Consultation*. Some costs may need to be determined at time of service if it is something that requires special attention, or more time such as a significantly uneven musculoskeletal shape, Areola work or Corrections. This will be billed at my hourly rate of $100, with a standard minimum of $160. for 1 hour to start, $100. per hour after that.****

  • Very minor touch up ($160. for 1 hr.)
  •  Full lip color ($400.) does not incl. touch up
  • lashline eyeliner upper AND lower ($550.) does not include touchup
  • Upper eyeliner, thin, with small wings ($400.) does not incl. touchup
  •  Correction work (minimum $160. for 1 hr.) does not incl. touchup
  • Areola work or creation (typically is $400. per side). Not including touch ups which are also typically $400. per side.     After booking your appt. please schedule your *Full Artists Consultation* prior to the procedure, included in cost. There may be several sessions needed for completion, possibly requiring us to switch to the hourly rate. We will know as we go what is needed to achieve the desired and possible outcome.


Read the rest of this page below, and find the rest of the REQUIRED reading on the ABOUT page to help identify if you if you are a good candidate at this time to receive your tattoo. Read it to learn about what you must do prior to the appointment, for aftercare instructions, and to prepare you for the appt. This reading will also help you understand more why I say that:

All cosmetic tattoo work is a work of art in progress. These are not template tattoos! The implantation of the pigment is not the result! After healing is the result!

Though there are tipical results which allow us to anticipate what most outcomes will  likely be; there are several factors unique per individual & per session that can affect these outcomes. Health, both in general, & day to day stress, meds, skin, numbing ability, state of mind, & musculoskeletal issues are some of the reasons that there are often variances in the procedure, end results, & healed results.

****This sometimes requires adjustments to be made to the amount of touchup needed, the length of the appt, possible completion of the procedure & cost of your appt.****

RESERVATIONS & CANCELLATIONS:  To book an appointment, a valid credit card number is required for me to hold a non refundable $80.00 deposit. All clients are required to give a minimum 48 hour notice of a need to change or cancel their appointment. If you do not speak directly with me that I have recieved your notice timely, you will forfeit your deposit as a no show fee, or the amount paid for any special discount you have  pre- purchased. Arriving more than 15 minutes late forfeits the entirety of any special deals, & or your deposit. The deposit amount will be deducted from your final bill at the end of our session if you adhere to these rules. ****Once the appt. time has begun, the entire fee is owed & can not be refunded. ****


I can not accept anyone who is contagious or ill with an airborn pathogen. If you may be contagious, or ill, you must wait until you are recovered to attend your appointment. In addition,  I would *prefer* not to work on anyone with a contagious deadly blood-born pathogen. My humblest apologies. It is vital to have a low germ procedure area for everyone. I offer the same to you.

No use of steroids, antibiotics, NSAID’s, uncontrolled diabetic issues, alcohol, blood thinning meds, including Acutane or any form of strong retin A, or fillers or cosmetic injections within 2 days to 2 weeks of the procedure depending on the issue. If you have a mole or abnormal skin marking on the area to be tattooed, or any contraindications that I may still be able to work with, please email me a Doctor’s note of approval to tattoo the area as soon as possible, or prior to 48hrs of the appt. If I find that you are sick, or have a mole or abnormal skin mark in the area we are tattooing, or any other contraindication, & you have come to your appt. without prior consent from myself & a doctor’s approval note, I may need to cancel your appointment until this happens. This will forfeit the entire cost of the service that day without receiving the service.

Friends & family are required to wait in the reception area unless they are or may be contagious. They are not permitted in the procedure room unless the client is under 18, then a guardian must be present to sign in, & may then attend the procedure at my discretion.

Telephones must be turned off when the appt. time begins. No phone use in any way during appt.

Any time spent consulting beyond the *Complimentary 20 Minute Consultation* will be charged at my hourly rate of $100.00 per hour. I do not do templates! I recommend you sit with me for a *Full Artists’ Consultation* separate from the complimentary one. I may require this once we meet & I examine your needs to determine that you need more time in the pre-tattoo design phase. Read why on the About page.

So, please, do the required reading on the About page thoroughly, come prepared, & well informed, to be able to follow all pre procedure protocols as I will not often have time to spend beyond the time you are booked for.

***A minimum 15% gratuity is customary. ***

credit cards will be charged the standard processing fee of 3.5%  in addition to the cost of the appointment.

Please be respectful knowing that you are hiring me as an independently contracted solo artist. I do not typically share clients or work with any one at my place of work & do not ever share client info with anyone else.

This is a  non discriminatory business, where all people are so very welcome always! 

Discounts may be available, inquire within. In addition, if you have referred a new client to me, have them mention your name, & /or “follow” me on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn to receive any such discount.