TheInkRoom is a new central Austin “full service” cosmetic tattoo business! Required reading below, though reading this entire page is very helpful for us to keep on schedule: The services offered include:


CONSULTATION- The first 35 minutes either by phone, in person or via email is complimentary; beyond that I charge $100 per hour.

EYE BROW TATTOOING –  microblading, stippling, solid brows, shadowy brows, or a touchup $260. including a touchup $490. A minimal touch up (not considered the first follow up) $155+.

Typical procedure time: 3+ hrs. varying from person to person. This depends on a lot of factors. Please come prepared, with a clear photo of what you are hoping for, & your brow pencil for color comparing. Many of you will feel the initial strokes before the numbing creme/ lidocaine takes full effect and works. These initial procedures will usually have a follow up procedure 6-8 weeks later lasting another 3+ hrs. Solid brows, which are “permanent” may take a bit longer per procedure. Semi- permanent tattoos/ microblading should set you up for brows that last usually 1-2 yrs. Some of these shallow hairlike strokes, (micro-blade strokes) may start fading after 6 months, some may last 3+ years.; everyone heals differently! Solid brows are considered permanent and should last many years. ***All tattoos fade, your body & the depth of the tattoo, and the pigment used all come into play when your tattoos start to fade, so no one really knows how long that will be.***

LASH LINE EYE LINER – upper or lower $260. Both $490. lower mucosal $260. a touch up by itself is $260.

This will be the same procedure time line as in the description for brows, with followup session being the same, lasting the same amount of time and is considered permanent. Please note, it is extremely helpful if you take something for anxiety as prescribed by your Dr. just before the eyeliner procedure. Often, people clench up their eyes tightly making it very difficult to apply the tattoo. This often results in a needed touch up  6-8 weeks later. For what ever reason, some people bruise and swell more than others from eyeliner tattooing. In some cases, this can be extreme. So be prepared, it may be that we need to stop the procedure all together, or continue it at a later time because of this. Eyes are the most sensitively tattoo area I have encountered. The numbing solution often stings if it trickles into the eye, so please keep eyes gently closed while it dries. It must be reapplied every 5-10 minutes. I am having a non sting numbing creme developed, it’s not available yet. Please be prepared, take some time off, have some Advil, or Benadryl available AFTER the procedure, and apply frozen tea bags several times per day for several days, or as needed, depending on the inflammation caused. Please see a Dr if you need one! I am an artist, not a Dr.

LIPS – in any colors we can try to create, from heavily saturated to lightly saturated, upper or lower, partial or full lips- we can also try to enlarge the lip line a bit as well, lip liner or partial lip color $260. Full lip color $360. Touchup: same price again.

These procedures fall under the same timeline as described under “brows and lids” (above). Please remember that it is always possible that a color will turn out differently in your skin, than it looks in the bottle, especially with lip tattoos. Reds are the trickiest to work with. Some colors may look “peachy” and turn out “pinkish”’ or vice versa. Most colors that look dark red, or dark “reddish” in the bottle will fade 40-70% in your skin. Lips also hold color differently than any other part of the body. The tattoo usually has a unique way of blending in, rather than appearing to sit on the surface. They end up looking more natural as a result! Lip tattoos last invariably; though considered permanent by depth, they tend to fade more quickly that a permanent tattoo. This is because your lips shed skin fairly quickly and get massaged by talking, eating, dryness etc.

AREOLA – all colors, blended to your choice (with guidance as needed of course), all shapes, all sizes, $360. per side. Or hourly rate. Does not include any touch ups.

This likely will take several sessions to complete depending on how much color saturation is desired as an end result. This also depends on how much color loss there is after each session, especially on scar areas. Scars have a way of taking color well in some spots, and not taking color well in other spots. This requires more sessions to blend the saturated areas with the unsaturated areas and to see what each session fades to, to find out what areas need more blending.

prepare yourself during more in depth procedures like this, for a 2-4 hour procedure per session, and an unknown amount of sessions. Normally, at 2 hours of tattoo work, that is enough for a person to feel ready to go home, only sometimes do we exceed 2 hrs. This is another reason for a return session, and why I bill hourly for such procedures.

MODIFICATIONS – variable to your unique need, done to your requested area, hourly rate, ($100/hr) minimum $155.

For example, we can create a tattooed mole, or darken or lighten flat moles or freckly areas, or sunspots etc. This can take 30 minutes or more depending on how small of an area we tattoo. Some moles and sunspots can be areas with dangerous cellular growth.   A prior Dr.s note is needed to say that it’s ok to tattoo certain spots. Please inquire.

CAMOFLAUGE – pigment color blending to match a skin color and fill in patches where pigment is desired, hourly rate ($100/hr)minimum $155.

For example, we can help even out undesired skin discoloration in vitiligo, some birthmarks, spots, and scars etc. We will try to match your skin color as best as we can. A test patch I sent done just before the procedure to get color as close as possible.

CORRECTIONS – previous tattoo work done can be altered, reshaped, darkened, lightened, etc. hourly rate ($100/hr) minimum $155.

SCARS – improvising on a scar, hourly rate ($100/hr)minimum $155.

A scar area can be tattooed to change its appearance more to your preference, read above section on areolas.

EXTRACTION – removal of previous tattoo work, hourly rate ($100/hr) minimum $155.

These procedures can take very little time, or up to 4 hrs per session. As mentioned  we usually will not exceed about 2 hours. We can extract and camoflauge at the same time. Expect several sessions to extract a small much as possible. This by hand extractions technique is best for small tattoo areas, where as lasers are better for big areas. We gently open the area with the tattoo needle so that saline and blood flow flush out pigment with out scarring. This is repeated until we can’t extract anymore because the remaining pigment is too deep or has migrated into other deeper layers of the skin, or we have removed all visible pigment! So expect it to take several months of return visits every couple of months until we are done.


All of these procedures are all done as close to your preference as possible, thicker, thinner, curvy, straight, darker, lighter. Usually we can create exactly what you want, though this is subject to limitations and sometimes only a change or improvement close to what you want is achievable. For example, we can not guarantee the color result exactly, especially after the first session. We make an educated estimate and usually get it right, but sometimes your body makes the color turn out different than anyone could have known. Because of this, to reach your goal, your desired result may take one to several sittings. This depends on several things; the detailedness of your end result, and any complications that may arise. (the most common being faded strokes, or color)

All tattoos fade as you heal. Generally, the more shallow a tattoo is, the quicker it fades. Everyone and every tattoo is different, the depth, the pigment, and you- all cause variations in healing time.


It is extremely helpful to take a non blood thinning safe anti-anxiety supplement or medication just before the procedure. Please consider asking your Dr. to recommend something. This can help your muscles relax, and “unclench” causing the tattoo procedure to be quicker and easier for us both. If your eyes are clenched up, from tension, it is very hard for me to pry them open! Also, after the procedure, please let me know if you are having severe swelling or bruising or an allergic reaction, but importantly, go see a Dr. if you need one!


You may buy a lidocaine ointment from a drug store, one that is non menthol!! Of 4-5% strength. Just before the appointment, apply to clean procedure site generously and cover with Saran Wrap if possible.

Try consuming leafy greens, and strawberries, anything with vitamin K daily, a week or 2 before the procedure. This can help your blood to clot better during the procedure, and will therefore help us get finished more quickly. Getting finished quickly will be an issue for you, and myself, as much as we enjoy each others company, you will be very ready to leave after laying down and being prodded for hours! When you walk in to sit with me, phones must be turned off, no smoking or vaping breaks, no talking about life until the procedure has begun, even then please keep it polite, and non distracting to my continuance of work. Every minute not spent on the treatment, doubles our time together, and will double your cost, and will cause your tattoo to be unfinished that day. I do not want your session to be longer than 4 hours. 2-3 is ideal.


1-2 weeks before your appointment: no filler or injections, no infections, no steroids, or antibiotics, 1-2 days before appt. no alcohol, nsaids. Please check with your Dr. to make sure your meds and health condition will not interfere with your tattoo procedure. No blood thinning meds, no blood clotting disorders, no diabetes, or people with heart conditions, or immune disorders. Please, no deadly blood born diseases, My office is inspected by the health dept. to be sure it is a clean low germ studio. It is not however, a hospital surgical suite prepared for deadly disease control. I will have to stop appt. if an accidental prick of my skin occurs after piercing your skin.


a touch up session/appointment is for any tattoo work that didn’t get completed or fully corrected in the first session. There may be several touch up sessions needed, or none. The skin could get to a stoping point or “ over worked”, before your tattoo is completed, or perfected requiring you to need to come back once the skin has had enough time to rest or heal. This healing time varies per practitioner and per person and per issue. It can take a couple weeks, all the way up to two months before another session can begin or “ continue”. A touch up is something the Professional must use good judgement to determine, along with your desired goal.


All of the above may or may not happen to you at anytime during any tattoo session. These can be reasons why you need to stop your session and continue again at a later time. The tattoo artist may push on a bit farther if any of these happen, but should not push it too much.


every procedure is a TATTOO and has inherent risks and complications. Your tattoo may not fade, it may fade completely. Your pigment may migrate. You may swell severely, and bruise. You may bleed, you may not numb well, you may have a negative reaction to materials or substances I use, such as pigments, or numbing solutions. There are many factors that go into why your tattoo comes out the way it does, skin thickness, elasticity, nerves, vessels, poor health, etc. Please be aware, and prepared for anything else that could arise following your treatment that is not what you planned or hoped for!

What to expect when you come in –

We first meet or discuss by phone your initial consultation to make our plan, to determine an estimate of how many sessions it could take until completion, and to determine cost. This usually takes an hour, though sometimes more or less time is needed, during which we prebook your procedure session, you recieve paperwork, including procedure preparedness, home care instructions & a Dr.s release for you to take to your Dr. for their approval and signature, if we discuss you need it, for mole, or sun spot tattoos, or if you have a mild medical issue that shouldn’t interfere with a tattoo or the 5- 11% lidocaine used.

   ***** If you have a severe blood thinning problem, take blood thinning meds, or you have keloid scarring you are probably not a good candidate for tattooing! Be aware, bruising & swelling can occur in some clients, & in rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur. If this does happen, you are required to notify your tattoo artist immediately, and go see a Dr. to discuss.

The next time we meet is for your first procedure session with your cosmetic tattoo artist! In the case that you did not have a pre- consultation, we will go over papaerwork at this time. You might want to come prepared, bring a snack, or drink, and comfortable warm clothing. It can be chilly in the room to keep the environment a low germ space, so be advised. Otherwise, don’t worry, we try to have a throw, and water for you. The first thing we need to do is get the numbing creme on you ASAP, as it takes an hour for it to start working. Then, feel free to sit & relax, use the restroom, or look around while you wait for your appointment if you are early. This should be the same for each following appointment if you have any.


$100. per hour, with a minimum of 1&1/2 hours or a set price per procedure


first 15 minutes free, after that the minimum rate applies


You must pay a minimum of $50. to book your appointment. This payment is deducted from your total cost, and is not refundable.


Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to appointment. If this is not given, there will not be a refund of any portion of what you paid. Please be courteous and give as much notice of cancellation as possible. Thank you.


You may be charged the hourly rate in order to start your procedure if you are more than 15 minutes late, or you will have to reschedule and forfeit your deposit.